This UM1 Moodle Campus is operated by the University of Medicine (1), Yangon, Interim University Council.

    University of Medicine (1), Yangon, formerly known as the Institute of Medicine (1) Yangon, is the oldest public medical school in Myanmar, established on 2nd February, 1927

    University of Medicine (1) Yangon is the same old Medical College under Yangon University. 

    It comprises three campuses-

    - Lanmadaw Campus (Main Campus) [ No. (245), Myoma Kyoung Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon Region ]

    - Pyay Road Campus (known as Lake-Khone) [ No. (12), Pyay Road, No. (9) Ward, Kamayut Township, Yangon Region ]

    - Thaton Road Campus [ Thaton Road, Yangon University Estate,  Kamayut Township, Yangon Region ]

    The University offers MBBS degrees (after six-year medical course, one-year internship, also called house-surgeon training) and post-graduate degrees (diploma, master and doctoral) in medical science.


    ဥပဌာနံ ၊ အနုကမ္မာ  ဒယာ (In English; Service, Sympathy, Humanity)


    - To become Centre of Excellence in Medical Education Health Service and Research


    UM1 Yangon (Lanmadaw Campus) 

    University of Medicine (1) Yangon, Interim University Council is the current academic and administrative university council under the Ministry of Education, National Unity Government.

    University of Medicine (1) Yangon, Interim University Council is established on 17th May 2021

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